Getting Started


Free initial phone or online conversation.

The opportunity to find out if we would like to start working together. You get a taste of how I work and if that is what you’re looking for.

Book Appointment

A weekly counselling session if 50-minutes long, usually same day same time.

1st Session!

Getting started with therapy. We will have regular reviews of our work.

Initial Contact and Conversation

Getting started with therapy might be daunting for you. Choosing a therapist is very personal. Because it is a relationship, you need to feel comfortable with me/the therapist you choose. Text or call me to arrange for a free initial phone or online conversation.

We will discuss what you hope to get from counselling, how I work and what I can offer you. It gives both of us the opportunity to find out if we would like to start working together.

I will offer you a timeslot. You do not have to accept it straight away.

Book Appointment

In the initial conversation we agree on some time in which you can decide if you want to start counselling with me. We will have agreed to a timeslot which I will hold open and booked for you until the deadline. 

First Session

In the first session we will go over the contract and any further questions you might have. Then we will start with our work together.

Going forward we will have regular reviews to discuss our therapy relationship. This gives you the opportunity to talk about if counselling with me is working for you.


Text/call me on 0778 353 2842 or email