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My Brilliant Image by Hafez

One day the sun admitted,
I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
The Infinite Incandescence
That has cast my brilliant image!
I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The astonishing Light
Of your own Being!


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Are you feeling lost in life’s challenges? Struggling to see your own brilliance amidst the darkness? Is therapy something you are considering but it feels daunting and too vulnerable? You do not know where to start?

Poetry, stories, music, a painting, in my opinion all art can reach you on a relational level, communicating empathy, connection and understanding. Talking about what moves you in a poem, a song or a painting is a good way to start accessing and sharing your emotions and thoughts with a counsellor. My Brilliant Image by Hafez is an option. You can also make your own choice.

As your person-centred counsellor I believe in your brilliance within. With empathy, acceptance and warmth I facilitate your exploration of experiences, emotions and beliefs. I support you in shedding light on the aspects of your life that have been overshadowed by difficulties, so that you can find your own path forward.

Therapy is a relationship. With the help of your chosen piece of art, I believe we will build up the trust between us. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, learning to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, courage and a renewed sense of purpose.

Hafez’s poem and therapy encourage us to examine our experiences, emotions, beliefs and self-view, to gain insight into our authentic selves. Hafez reminds you how brilliant you are. He expresses what I feel about my clients, that I see the astonishing light of their being. He invites us to search for meaning, self-reflection and awareness. A contemplation on your own way of being.